Our Advocacy

Volunteers of America is dedicated to helping those in need live healthy, safe, and productive lives. Since 1896, our ministry of service has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, at-risk individuals, the homeless, and those recovering from addictions.

Volunteers of America’s policy priorities for the 116th Congress focus on helping all Americans achieve their full potential. Our priorities are: affordable housing, veterans services and moral injury, Medicare and Medicaid, and senior services.

Volunteers of America owns and operates approximately 500 affordable housing properties in 42 states and Puerto Rico, providing more than 20,000 affordable units to nearly 25,000 people each year. We are also one of the largest nonprofit providers in the United States of affordable housing, skilled nursing care and assisted living for seniors. Our veterans programs provide direct service and support to approximately 27,000 veterans and veteran family members in more than 300 communities each year. Volunteers of America provides direct service and support to over 135,000 men, women, and youth experiencing mental health issues, trauma and addiction each year. Protecting the scope and improving these programs is critical to our mission to uplift all people.

Volunteers of America is also active in several coalitions, working closely with other nonprofit and human services organizations on our common interests. Our collaboration with these coalitions, businesses and local, state and federal government officials provide us the opportunity to successfully advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.